Colombia: Women lead the way to peace

Carolina Vargas on her visit to Copenhagen. She joined the guerilla group at the age of 21 and became a commandant. Photo: Pål Velo
Published in Arbejderen on 26.06.18|Language: Danish
Original title: Kvinder leder vejen til fred

The election of Iván Duque is set to jeopardise the 2016 peace agreement between the FARC and the Colombian government.

But in the post-war areas formerly held by FARC, the world’s oldest rebel group, women leads the way to economic and cultural prosperity, says Carolina Vargas, a former FARC commandant and currently in charge of the now political party’s work for women’s- and LGBT-rights. Continue reading “Colombia: Women lead the way to peace”

Palestine commemorate 70 years of exile

Demonstrations at the DCO check point north of Ramallah, Occupied West Bank on the 70th Nakba Day. Photo: Pål Velo
Published in Arbejderen on 16.05.2018 | Language: Danish
Original title: Palæstina samles i sorg over Gaza-ofre

On the day commemorating the 70th “al-Nakba” – Arabic for «catastrophe» – the Palestinians gather in Ramallah to mourne the death of 60 Palestinians in Gaza.

This is my third report from Israel/Palestine, where Israel celebrates 70 years of existence and Palestine continue an equal number of resistance.

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Ilan Pappé: Myths of the Six-Day War

Israel's defence minister, Moshe Dayan (center) speaks to the Palestinian guardian of the Cave of the Patriarcs in Hebron, Occupied West Bank. Photo: The Israeli Press Office
Published in Arbejderen 07.07.16 | Language: Danish
Original title: Myterne om Seksdageskrigen

In an essay by Ilan Pappé—an Israeli historian and director of European Centre for Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom —we are taken through common myths of the events leading to and following the 1967 war between Israel, Egypt and Syria, also know as the Six Day War.

The essay was originally published in the Cairo Review of Global Affairs. A shortened version was translated by me for Arbejderen with personal permission from Ilan Pappé.

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(I will not post the full Danish text due to copyright reasons)