Denmark wants to create asylum centers in Africa with aid money and Norway’s help

Photo: IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
Published in Bistandsaktuelt on 11 February 2021
Original title: Danskene vil ha bistandsfinansierte asylmottak i Afrika – ber om hjelp fra Norge

Documents obtained from the Norwegian Ministry of Justice shows how the Danish government wants Norway on board in creating asylum centers in Africa. The plan, which have gotten no parliamentary support in Denmark, says asylum seekers on Danish land would be flown to Africa while the authorities process their application. The exact location in Africa remains unknown.

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The same documents later revealed that the Danish Minister of Integration did know know if the plan would lower the number of asylum seekers coming to Denmark. My collaboration with the Danish news outlet Altinget (press here to read the article) made the opposition demand a parliamentary hearing on the matter.